About TOBS Batteries

Originating after exiting the battery franchise industry, TOBS Batteries (That Other Battery Shop) was established as an 'independent' specialist battery outlet. Being an independent operator, we are able to choose which Brands to stock. This is key because we have chosen Brand/s according to our knowledge and experience, rather than being told which brands to stock, and that means you get high quality Tier 1 batteries at a very reasonable price point. Our experience reaches as far back as 2013, and our Ethos of 'Powered by Integrity' has remained consistent throughout. Our premises in Capital Hill Business Park Midrand are quiet, very secure and in very pleasant surroundings. We supply batteries for vehicles, trucks & heavy plant; UPS/inverter system (AGM/Gel/Lithium Ion), or just honest advice. At TOBS you'll quickly realise you're at the right place speaking to the right people when it comes to batteries.

Whilst Warranty Claims are very rare due to the quality of our Brands, it is important to take note of our Warranty Terms & Conditions below. In most cases it is found that the battery presumed to have 'failed' was in fact unintentionally 'drained', or had been standing for a perion of time unused, or that the battery had not been receiving a 'charge' - (faulty Alternator). All genuine Warranty Claims that comply with our Warranty Terms & Conditions will be honoured.

Warranty - Terms & Conditions: [KNPDF-7326222w7]

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